Get started on your very own 2D animation adventure easily and quickly.

This FREE reference library will show you how to build, rig, pose, and animate your cut-out characters.

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If you’re an absolute beginner just starting on your exciting 2D animation adventure, you’ll find basic rigging references to help get you started on your journey quickly and easily.

If you’re an enthusiast or hobbyist with some background in using 2D animation tools, there are advanced references, techniques, and ideas to help you create great looking cut-out character animation. If you already have your own awesome characters designed and illustrated, and you want to learn how to easily rig and animate it, you’ll find step-by-step instructions for doing just that.

Watch this video to get an idea of some of the secrets that are revealed in the Library:

Here’s the list of topics currently available in the library, as well as those being planned/prepared:

  • Part 1: Getting Started – For Absolute Beginners
    • How to Make Simple Cut-Out Characters
      • Start creating and animating right away with very easy cut-out character designs that you can easily customize to your own style
    • 2D Animation software programs for cut-out character animation style for beginners
    • Lots of cut-out character examples
  • Part 2: Advance Rigging & Animation
    • Cut-Out Character Head Rigs
    • Cut-Out Character Mouth Rigs
    • Easy Live Action Keyframe Tracing Technique

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ACCESS the Cut-Out Animation Reference Library (FREE)

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