Video Not Uploading On Facebook Because of the “Something Went Wrong” Error? This Technique Helps You Get Around the Error

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While trying to upload my video on Facebook recently, I ran into a persistent error that said, “Something went wrong.”

Facebook Video Upload Error - Something Went WrongFacebook suggested that I could try again, so I did, only to see the same error message popping up again.

I tried the “Replace Video” option, but that didn’t work either.

I couldn’t find any solution online that worked for me.

After trying lots of suggestions, I decided to run some simple video uploading experiments on my own.

I finally found a simple workaround to let me successfully upload my videos without errors.

So I thought I’d publish this brief post to share the workaround. Who knows, someone else might be going crazy dealing with this same error while trying to get their videos uploaded on Facebook.

Remember, this is NOT a real fix for the issue. It’s a workaround. But one that’s working for me.

According to Facebook (see error message above), they’re supposed to be working on getting that fixed! But in the meantime, this will do.

A Simple Workaround to Your Facebook Video Not Uploading due to the “Something Went Wrong” Error

The short version of it is to simply upload your video without adding ANY details such as comments, descriptions, title, tags, or call to action. Nothing! Just the video. You add all those other details AFTER successfully uploading your video. And that’s it.

You can stop reading, but I would be happy to provide visuals and detailed steps as additional help. So read on, please!

Step 1 – Cancel the Failing Video Upload

The first thing you need to do after getting the “Something Went Wrong” video upload error is to cancel your upload.

Click on the “x” symbol on the top left (if you hover on the symbol, the tool tip says “Remove”):

Facebook - Remove Post

Click “Discard” to confirm.

Facebook Video - Discard Post

Step 2 – Upload Your New Video

You can do this in several ways. Here are just a few examples:

  • Option 1: Click the “Write something…” field on your Timeline, then click the “Add photos or a video to your post” button (the camera icon):

Facebook - Add Photo or Video Post

  • Option 2: Click the “Photo/Video” button:

Facebook - Add Photo or Video Post

  • Option 3: Go to your Video Library and click the “Upload” button:

Facebook - Add to Video Library

  • Option 4: Go to your Video tab/section and click the “Add Video” button:

Facebook - Add New Video

Facebook will have you select your video file from your computer:

Facebook - Select Video FileChoose your video, and you will arrive at the Upload Video screen:

Facebook Video Upload Without Details

IMPORTANT: Do NOT type in any details in any of the fields! Do NOT add any Call to Action!

Just leave the video alone. Don’t mess around with anything.

Just. The. Video.

I hope I’ve made myself clear.

Once the upload is complete, choose either “Schedule Post” or “Save as Unpublished” so that your video doesn’t get published immediately.

Step 3 – Edit Your Video to Add Details and a Call to Action (if needed)

Now is the time to add those details like your description of the video, the video’s title, and other stuff.

First, you need to find your video in your Video Library.

One way to get to your Facebook Video Library is by going to your Video tab/section and clicking the “Video Library” button as shown in the figure above (see “Option 4” above).

In your Video Library, your newly uploaded video should show up at the top of the list. It’s also the one without any descriptions.

Click the “Edit Video” icon to add you video details.

Facebook - How to Edit Video

The Edit Video pop-up window appears to let you enter useful information about your video.

Facebook - Edit Video With Details

You can optionally add a Call to Action. For example, if your video is a teaser/trailer to a full video or tutorial on YouTube, you can add the link to your YouTube video by adding a “Watch More” type of call to action.

Check that you’ve entered the desired publication date and time (from the “Scheduled” button).

Finally, hit “Save” and you’re done.


To recap, the workaround to the Facebook video not uploading error that says “Something went wrong. Blah-blah” is to upload your video without adding any other data/info. You add those later.

I don’t know the reason why this happens. That’s for the Facebook team to answer.

I hope this helps people out there who are also struggling with this same issue. Let me know if works. And let me know if it doesn’t work, too!

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