New 2D Cut-Out Animation Rig: The Spaceship

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This is just a brief post to announce my new Spaceship Rig.

UFO - Takeoff

Watch my YouTube video introducing the rig’s secret ingredients:

The rig is built using Toon Boom Studio. However, you should be able to use the rigging ideas in your favorite 2D animation software program as long as it supports vector key-frame transformations (e.g. horizontal and vertical scaling, skewing, and rotation) and simple layer manipulation techniques (specifically, z-depth key-frame settings).

Once I created and assembled the body of the spaceship, I posed the rig to create 3 cycles, which are saved separately in my library. These cycles are the Spin, Roll, and Tilt cycles.

UFO Cycles

Note that I don’t have to use the entire cycles. I just need to pick the poses according to the scene requirements, and add/set the poses as key-frames. I can then remove all unwanted poses, making sure to keep the existing transitional key-frames.

I’ll publish a longer post to explain the details of the rig. Stay tuned!

For now, just realize that the rig is made of circles/ovals or portions of circles/ovals. You gotta love them circles!

Oh, and be sure to check out the Spaceship Rig in ACTION in this super-short animation:



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