Recommended Video: 7 Steps to Create Amazing YouTube Videos

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Live videos are among the most common type of visual contents that you can create.

For true beginners, here’s a great overview by YouTubers, Evan Carmichael and Richard Yagutilov, breaking down the basic steps to make amazing live videos without spending a lot money.

To recap, the following are the 7 steps mentioned in the video:

  1. Camera – start with what you already have! An old video camera or a smartphone’s built-in camera should be great for starters.
  2. Sound – use the camera’s on-board microphone. Shoot your videos in controlled environments without unwanted noises.
  3. Background – avoid distracting backgrounds.
  4. Lighting – keep it soft and natural.
  5. Editing – use the basic video editing software that comes with your computer (e.g. iMovie, MovieMaker). Keep it simple, make it tight (remove irrelevant footage).
  6. Building a Team – consider assigning the right tasks to the respective experts.
  7. Be Consistent – keep producing your videos consistently and you’ll keep improving.



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