Fish Film – I Am A Fish

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Here’s another super-short animated film featuring my Fish Rig. Enjoy!

Behind The Scenes:

Here are a couple of new stuff that I added to my latest fish animation:

  • I added a new mouth rig with a simple tongue design that can be animated (watch the licking actions in the short film!). This design is several times more capable than the previous mouth, which was just a single oval drawing layer.
  • I added lip-synced audio, so for the first time, the fish is saying something! The sound was captured on my iPhone (it’s my cat’s voice), edited in Audacity, and imported into Toon Boom Studio for syncing (instead of added to the video editor as I usually do).

GIF - I Am a Fish

I’m planning to create dedicated posts for sharing the details of the techniques I mentioned above. And more Fish Films are coming. So stay tuned!

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