How To Convert A Video Into A PNG Image Sequence Using Blender

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I’ve started using live video references for posing and animating some of my newer 2D animated characters like the Funky Ninja:

I like the results so far, and there’s more improvements in the works.

From personal experience, importing an AVI movie directly into Toon Boom Studio usually doesn’t work for me. It just ends up creating what looks to be a long sequence of blank cells.

I found that the most reliable way to import a movie sequence into Toon Boom Studio is by first converting it into a PNG image sequence.

Once the PNG image sequence is ready, you then add a new Image Element in Toon Boom Studio and run the Import Images command to bring in all the PNG images.

In this post, I’ll share the detailed steps for converting a video file into a PNG image sequence that you can easily and reliably import into Toon Boom Studio.


Detailed Steps to Convert a Video File Into a PNG Image Sequence

I’m assuming you already have Blender installed on your computer. If you haven’t installed Blender, you get the software from the Blender Download page, and download and install the program.


Step 1: Open Blender

Assuming you’ve installed Blender on your computer, the Blender program icon should look something like this (at least for Blender 2.x versions):
Blender Logo

Step 2: Select the Video Sequence Editor

When you open Blender without any customized workspace, the default view is the 3D View. Switch to the Video Sequence Editor as shown below (click to enlarge):

Screenshot - Select The Video Sequence Editor

Step 3: Add Your Movie/Video File

In the Video Sequence Editor, click the Add menu, then select Movie.

Screenshot - Add Movie

Select your movie file:

Screenshot - Add Movie - Locate the Movie File

Step 4: Set the Output Filename

Back in the Video Sequence Editor view, set the output filename as shown:

Screenshot - Set Output Filename

Note that it’s best to specify a dedicated directory/folder to keep your PNG images separate from other files. When it’s time to grab and use your PNG images, you won’t have to worry about accidentally selecting other file types.

Step 5: Run the Render Animation command

Clicking the Animation button in the Render pane kicks off the video conversion. This usually takes a while and depends on the duration of your original movie/video and your computer’s performance.

Screenshot - clicking Render Animation starts the process to convert a video file into the specified sequence of image files

Demo Video – How to Convert a Video Into a PNG Image Sequence Using Blender

I prepared a demo video showing you how the above steps are done.

I hope you find the detailed instructions above helpful for you digital visual content creation projects. Let me know if you have any questions.



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