Meet Bubbles – A Super Simple 2D Cut-Out Character Puppet YOU Can Make

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Meet Bubbles, my latest 2D animated fish character!

IMAGE - Screenshot 5 - Fish 3-Qtr Left View

Here are some animated GIFs of Bubbles. They’re mostly swim cycles.

  1. Panic Scene (featuring a 180-degree full-body turn):

GIF - Run Away

  1. Swim Cycles, Side & Front Views:

Swim - Side - Slow

Side - Swim3

GIF - Front - Swim1

  1. Peeking:

GIF - Peek2

  1. Blowing Bubbles (including a speech bubble):


GIF - Bubbles4 - Gas

Short Films

Also check out my super short films featuring Bubbles:

The Making of Bubbles – Secrets Revealed!

Bubbles is basically a really simple 2D cut-out character rig, built using only ovals and rectangles, and created and animated using Toon Boom Studio with puppet style key-frame animation.

It’s a character rig, NOT a frame-by-frame hand-drawn technique.

Watch these videos to see the character design and assembly of Bubbles:

So from the videos, you see that you can quickly create a simple 2D animated character puppet that’s not too bad for real beginners. In fact, it’s a COOL character rig for a beginner!

After building the puppet, you’ll want to animate the puppet and have real fun with it.

Watch this following video to learn how to create a simple swim cycle:

And this next video shows how to create a 180-degree full-body character turn (make the fish turn from facing left to facing right):

Until next time, HAPPY CREATING!


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