2D Animation: Finding Drawing Layers In Toon Boom Studio

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Here’s a very quick tip for new users of Toon Boom Studio. Once you start drawing your animation art pieces on separate drawing layers, keeping track of your layers can be a problem. This is especially true if you have very complex character or environment designs. Sometimes, layers just go missing in Camera View. Well, you can use this tip to easily find your missing drawing layers.

Watch the demo video:

Key Lessons

  • Your layers can easily be found in either the Top View or the Side View.
  • A layer selected in the Timeline is highlighted in the Top/Side View.
  • Use the Select Tool¬†to drag your layer to its desired location along the Z-axis by any amount of distance. The Transform Tool and Move Tool should also work, but they create keyframes.
  • Use the Show/Hide All options in the Timeline to better isolate your targeted layers. Only your selected layer will be shown in the Top/Side View (click to view the full-size image).

    Screenshot - Show or Hide

Happy Creating!


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