Sketch: Rabbits

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Here’s a brief update on what I’m up to right now. I’m currently working on a new character rig in Toon Boom Studio. It’s a bunny! The video below should give you an idea of what I’m aiming for.

The rig is my most challenging to date. If you’ve seen my 2D animation ‘lab notes’ (mostly captured in videos) so far, you’ll notice that I do very little hand-drawn art. The bunny sketches are proof that I do create some hand-drawn contents in the process of doing my animation. However, I currently draw my characters and other elements in Toon Boom Studio using simple mouse clicks and drags. I know it gives a much less organic results, but I find that it’s sufficient for getting familiar with the software interface, features, and tricks. I actually have a Wacom tablet that I decided to put aside for a while, which I’ll be using again soon (stay tuned!).

For those of you just starting out with creating your own 2D animation as a hobby, or even for bigger aspirations, I think it’s fine if you start without having a drawing tablet, especially while learning your animation software of choice, and especially if you’re on a tight budget. You can start by creating simple cut-out animation and get a good handle of the program as well as concepts like cycles,¬†timing, and keyframes.

Here’s the video of my Rabbit sketches (done on my iPad 2 using a drawing app called Procreate from Savage Interactive):

Happy creating!

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