Back to Square One!

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Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

Something really bad happened yesterday. What was supposed to be a simple WordPress theme change experiment turned out to be a blogger’s nightmare. One bad step led to another. Looking up references on the web and trying the suggested fixes only made things worse. And suddenly, poof! It’s all gone. The damage was irreversible (practically).

So now I’m back to square one with this blog. I’ll be adding contents as quickly as possible in the coming days and weeks.

Meanwhile, please visit my YouTube channel and check out my original videos to see what I’ve been up to. I’m working on more animation, so please subscribe to the channel to make sure you get updated when the latest contents are available.

Lone Office

I’ll tell the disaster story in a future post, and share how I recovered from it. It was terrible and frustrating, but looking back I think it was funny at the same time. I probably frowned a bit, but I also managed a few smiles while going through the unexpected little adventure.

On the bright side, I learned a great deal about website/blog deletion, creation, and management. Not many people get to do it in that order! In addition, it’s a great opportunity to work on that new look for the website that I’ve been meaning to do.


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